सदस्य पहिचान फाराम (KYM) भरि नसकेका शेयर सदस्य महानुभावहरुले २ प्रति फोटो र नागरिकता प्रतिलिपि सहित संस्थामा आई फाराम भरिदिन हुन अनुरोध गर्दछौं ।

Himshikhar Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd.

Himshikhar Multipurpose Cooperative Limited (HCL) is a primary cooperative of Bhaktapur, Nepal. It was established in June 30, 2008 under the Cooperative Act, 1992 with view of uplifting and promoting economic, social and cultural needs of people who are economically and socially back warded.

So main motto of establishment of this organization is to collect small and scattered amounts of resources from the members to create an economic force and to invest those resources for production, income and employment generate sector for their own economic, social and cultural development.

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